Pastor’s Wife Tries to Kill Daughters So They Can ‘Meet Jesus Christ’

When police arrived at Pamela Christensen’s house in Montgomery, Illinois, they were shocked and horrified by what they saw: The 47-year-old pastor’s wife answered the door, her white shirt covered in blood, and she immediately fell to her knees, saying she’d stabbed her three girls so that they could “meet Jesus Christ.”

Christensen—whose daughters are ages 12, 16, and 19—said she tried to poison the girls, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Police discovered a poisonous concoction of dish-washing soap in the kitchen, which Christensen admitted she gave to the girls to knock them unconscious so she could stab them. Two of the girls were stabbed in the chest, and Christensen had also stabbed herself in the abdomen.

The daughters were treated at a hospital and released with minor injuries. Christensen was taken to the hospital for her own wounds, after which she was taken into custody and charged.

The girls told police that they were held at knife-point by their mother as she asked them if they had accepted Christ as their savior.

Christensen faces three felony counts each of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery, and aggravated unlawful restraint, for which she will appear in court on October 16. Her bail was set at $1 million.

Christensen’s husband, Vaughn Christensen, was a pastor at Sugar Grove church. His wife told police that he had called her to tell her that the world was ending, and that she needed to prepare the family to meet Jesus.

Prior to the stabbing, Christensen filed a protection order against her husband, citing that the two were divorcing and that his behavior was becoming violent towards her and the children. The order said that his “increasingly erratic” behavior included threatening to harm himself and the kids and that he often spoke of wanting to die.