BREAKING: Will & Jada Smith Under Investigation By Child Protective Services

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are allegedly under investigation by the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services concerning the controversial picture of daughter Willow in bed with 20-year-old Hanna Montana star Moises Arias, according to Radar Online. Here are the images, in case you missed them.


And insider told the online magazine:

The investigation was formally opened last week and is being taken very seriously by the department. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been extremely cooperative with officials. Of course, they aren’t happy that their parenting skills are under scrutiny, but they understand.

Social workers will also be talking separately with Willow, and they also want to talk to the young man in the picture with her as well. This won’t just be one or two visits with the family, and it will likely be an open investigation for at least a month, out of an abundance of caution.

Willow and Moises are longtime friends, and when the controversy first erupted he deleted the images from his Instagram account. But thanks to the power of the internet, at that point it was too late. For their part, Will and Jada downplayed the whole situation. Check out the report:

Jada told US Weekly that the two were friends and this was no big deal. She commented that the pic of her 13-year-old daughter in a bed with a 20-year-old guy was innocent, and that everyone was just a “covert pedophile” for thinking otherwise. The impromptu interview happened as Jada arrived at LAX for a trip to New York City, and the paparazzi were on the scene. According to reports she was brimming with anger, knowing that everyone would ask about the controversial pictures of Willow and her friend Moises. Jada and Will Smith rarely comment about their family, so this incident clearly got to her.

We’ll report back as more details emerge.