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Haunting Photos from an Abandoned Asylum for the Chronic Insane

Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane

The Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane was opened in 1869. It is located in Willard, New York, and less than 20 years after its opening it became the largest asylum in America, housing about 1500 patients.

Needless to say, at that time and with that many people, the Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane has some darkness in its history.

The Asylum was once home to some of the most insane people to ever live in the United States. Many say that the patients were treated with shock therapy, restraints, and isolation. In 1994 the psychiatric center shut its doors and closed down the center.

The property is hundreds of acres and surrounded by layers of barbed wire fences. It’s an imposing, foreboding location, and yet once a year there are tours that allow visitors to get a look inside.

The tours are three hours long, and there are very strict rules: no photography whatsoever, and no wandering off.

The asylum is closed off for the majority of the year and there is traveling word that what went on behind the doors while the asylum was operating is still unknown.

Many people have recorded sightings and various situations of paranormal activity.

Take a look at the haunting video from the abandoned asylum for the chronic insane below. And, if you want to see more photos, check out How Life Works’ photo series entitled “Old, Abandoned Mental Hospital Photos That’ll Creep You Out.” They don’t give much more information than the video below, but some of their images are creepy.

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