Trump Obsessed Man Arrested for Plotting to Bomb Muslims in California

On Monday, 55-year-old William Celli was arrested in Richmond, California, for building homemade bombs in his house and “threatening to harm Muslims.”

When authorities investigated the terrorist’s social media pages, it became evident that Celli had a deep love for Donald Trump. Celli’s anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant tirades echoed Donald Trump’s recent speeches about what he’d do with Muslims were he to become president. The presidential nominee called for a ban on all Muslim immigrants into the U.S., a proposal that was met with repulsion from people of all political parties.

In an October post, Celli called Trump a “great point man,” saying that he’d “follow this MAN to the end of the world.” In another paranoid post, he refers to an “invasion” of “illegals.”

It was an anonymous neighbor who alerted police about suspicious activity in Celli’s home. Soon afterwards, Celli was arrested for allegedly making homemade bombs with the intent of targetting the local Muslim community in Richmond.

After the arrest, police evacuated nearby homes to investigate the interior of Celli’s home. They found at least one suspicious device, which they detonated before neighbors were allowed to return home.

A spokesman for the Richmond Police Department confirmed to The Huffington Post that Celli was booked into Contra Costa County jail on charges of possessing an explosive device and making criminal threats.

Celli is being held on $525,000 bail.

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This guy has a deep love for Trump and a deep hatred of Muslims.

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