Rape Victim’s Boyfriend Viciously Beats Up Her Attacker, His Uncle

According to MyrtleBeachOnline.com, 52-year-old William Mattson was viciously beaten after being found by his rape victim’s boyfriend. The boyfriend was his nephew.

When the suspect was caught on top of the woman, his nephew immediately began unleashing a serious of blows to his face and body. Mattson was then forced out of the house and onto the front lawn, report police.

In his mugshot, you can see that Mattson’s left eye is swollen shut and his face seriously battered.

The boyfriend said he was “acting in defense for the victim,” as stated by WIS. Apparently, the two of them had visited his father’s house after celebrating at a New Year’s party. After he returned from leaving her alone in the bedroom they shared, he stumbled upon the disturbing scene.

Police assert that the encounter was not consensual.

Mattson is currently facing sexual assault charges.