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Woman Tattoos Boyfriend’s Name on Face After First Date

How far would you go for love?
A recent Russian college graduate has taken instant devotion to new heights by allowing her boyfriend to tattoo her face on their very first date – with his very own name.
The Sun of Britain reports that Lesya Toumaniantz gave her boyfriend Rouslan Toumaniantz the freedom to ink “Ruslan” in 5-inch Gothic letters across both cheeks.
Not only did she allow for him to tattoo her face, she adopted his last name on Facebook.
According to Lesya, they met in an online chat room where they developed a deep bond. “It’s a symbol of our eternal devotion. I’d like him to tattoo every inch of my body,” she told Gawker.
The story gets a bit stranger when one realizes that Rouslan Toumaniantz gained infamy in 2009, when Kimberly Vlaminick, 18, accused him of tattooing her face with 56 stars while she was asleep.
Vlaminick’s story was later debunked after she admitted to the world that she had lied. The truth? She was terrified at her father’s furious reaction to seeing his daughter with a galaxy of stars painted across her face.
This leads one to ask, what is so unique about Rouslan that women are willing to allow him to brand their faces with his signature designs?
A mutual friend of the couple made the following statement to explain Lesya’s decision: “I know that there are people who are terrified that Lesya has made a rash decision that she’ll regret horribly. But sometimes the best decisions are the ones you make in an instant with your heart rather than the ones long-debated in your mind.”
Is that what wrestler Eric Hartsburg thought when he decided to brand his face with the Romney logo? According to The Huffington Post, Hartsburg seems to have changed his mind and is having the tattoo removed.
What some people do for love!
Would you tattoo the name of your loved-one your body? Or if you have already, do you regret your decision? We’d love to know!

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