Woman and Granddaughter Found Dead Inside Home with Chilling Note

A woman and her granddaughter were found dead inside their home cuddling, but what is even more disturbing are the items that were surrounding them.

Emily who is developmentally disabled had been living with her grandmother Marshelle Newby when officials entered the home and found the two dead together surrounded by various medications. According to ABC 10, Emily may have been hooked up to an IV.

The two were originally found by a friend who had gone to check on them. Inside the home investigators found a note left by Newby explaining how her granddaughter had been getting violent with her and how she just couldn’t handle it anymore. She also explained how sorry she was and that she wanted all of her money to go to her son.

Apparently Newby hadn’t been into work the days leading up to her death and Emily hadn’t been at school either. Examiners are currently awaiting results from toxicology reports.