Woman Arrested for Breaking into Man’s Home and Demanding to Cuddle

This woman will do anything for a cuddle!

According to reports, A 49-year-old woman from Sparta, Wisconsin broke into the home of man she’d only met a few times, demanding cuddles and refusing to leave the property.

Sparta police responded to a suspicious person report from a residence sometime after 3AM.

The man who called said he was awakened in his bedroom when someone turned the lights on. Standing there in his room was the woman, named Dawn Cole, whom he had met before but did not know well—certainly not in the capacity of a relationship. Cole had broken in through a screen door.

Cole was escorted out of the home by the man, but refused to leave saying she could see him inside. She pounded on his windows until police were called.

The woman reportedly told police when they arrived that she was there to cuddle the man, then was arrested for disorderly conduct.

It turns out that Cole had been arrest for shoplifting and then trespassing at a Walmart, and is therefore also being held for bail jumping.