Woman Arrested for Calling 911 Over Chinese Takeout Order (Video)

A woman in Alliance, Ohio was arrested and charged with misuse of 911 after she used the emergency phone number to complain about her order of Chinese food. 44-year-old Tracey F. McCloud was dissatisfied with her takeout order from a Chinese restaurant called Main Moon, the New York Daily News reported.

When she was refused a refund by the establishment—apparently because she paid with a credit card, and wanted her money back in cash. Infuriated she dialed 911.

“It’s not up to par to me,” she said on the phone call. “What am I supposed to do? Jump over the thing and beat’em up and get my money back?”

“And this is why you called 911,” the stunned dispatcher clarified.

Police did arrive to the scene, but instead of facilitating a refund for the food they arrested McCloud.

Authorities said that McCloud used the emergency service knowing that it was not an emergency situation.

McCloud is set to appear in court later in the week. The offense is considered a fourth degree misdemeanor, according to WJW.