VIRAL VIDEO: Woman Attends Her First Prom with Great-Grandson

Usually around this time of year, teenagers are scrambling to find a date to prom, hoping to not be turned down by their No. 1 choice.

But Ohio resident Austin Dennison, 19, decided to take an unlikely date to his senior prom at Parkway High School in Rockford.

Instead of choosing the most popular girl in school to give a corsage to, Dennison brought his 89-year-old great-grandmother, Delores, as his date.

After learning that she never actually attended her own prom as a teenager, he felt that it was necessary to show “Granny DD” a night to remember, the Times Bulletin reports.

The adorableness doesn’t end there.

A day before the big night, Dennison bought her a pearl necklace, played guitar and sang for her.

The prom itself was no letdown, either.

“They played the Frank Sinatra song, ‘I love the kisses of Delores.’ Her husband used to sing that song to her. There was a standing ovation when we came out,” said Dennison.

prom 2

Yes, they even took prom photos together and everything.

“We got home shortly after 9 p.m., later than I go to bed these days,” said Delores.