Woman Auctioning Off Her Imaginary Friend on eBay

According to the Metro, 22-year-old Georgia Horrocks is selling her imaginary friend on eBay because her psychiatrist thought it would be a good idea.

On the ad, she writes:

I have recently come to the decision that it is time to sell my imaginary friend Bernard who was created during a time of emotional instability. My psychiatrist recommended that I say goodbye to Bernard, and although I would like some financial compensation it is more important that he finds a good home.

Her playful and “mischievous” imaginary friend named Bernard will apparently be “sent via imagination to the winning bidder.”


More than simply a testament to the power of imagination, Horrocks claims Bernard appeared during her childhood “at a time of emotional instability.” Imaginary friends are known to be a source of comfort when a child is experiencing difficulties.

You’d be surprised to know just how popular for sale imaginary friends are. Back in 2007, a British fella sold his off for $2,750!