Woman Bails on Taxi – You Will Be Shocked at Her Sentence

A woman in Ohio took a taxi for 30 miles then decided to bail when it came time to pay up. Victoria Bascom, 18, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor theft in front of Judge Michael Cicconetti. He decided to do something a little unusual, giving her two options: spend 30 days in jail or walk 30 miles in 48 hours.

Victoria chose to walk. She started the day after her sentence and is attempting to do the 30 miles in two days. Aside from the physical activity she is also on probation for four months and has to pay $100 to the taxi company.

This is not the first time Judge Cicconetti has made headlines. He is known for giving sentences that are humiliating and shockingly obvious. According to the Washington Post there have been a number of occasions of Cicconetti teaching those who step into his court room a lesson or two.

“There was the time he forced a woman who abandoned sickly kittens to spend a night alone in the woods without water, food or entertainment.

Or the time a man caught with a loaded gun was ordered to go to the local morgue to view corpses.

On another occasion in 2002, a man who had referred to a police officer as a “pig” was order to stand beside a live pig with a sign that read “This is not a police officer.”

For this Ohio Judge his job is more than just teaching lessons and giving sentences. He aims to better his community, and those who do have to face him usually end up grateful. He told the News-Hearld about one situation where things have slowly started to turn into a positive friendship.

“The Pig Man comes in every once in awhile just to say hello, or he yells at me on the street, hello. He even calls me and wants to go to lunch, and I have. That’s what makes the job worthwhile. People coming in 10 years later saying they turned their lives around.”

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