Woman Blames Trained Squirrel for Destroyed Garden

Marion Webster, 78, was found guilty of criminal damage in the UK after she destroyed her neighbor’s flowerbed.

The avid gardener blames her behavior on a conniving neighbor who sent a trained squirrel to ruin her beloved garden. Webster isn’t quite sure as to the specific squirrel responsible, but she was sure specific as to the neighbor who she thought trained the critter.

“One night she cut someone’s flowers up and tore up plants from the roots,” said an anonymous neighbor.

“She is very proud of her garden and she got it into her head that someone had it in for her and was jealous of her flowers. She put up a big metal gate, extended the height of her fences and made the place into a fortress. Then she became convinced a resident trained a squirrel to enter her garden after dark and tear up her flowers.”

According to the local police, the woman has been reported by her neighbors 40 times over the past 10 years.

Neighbors say when she has been angry with them in the past, she has blared classical music until 3am.

“She seems to enjoy causing a fuss and making everyone’s life hell,” said another neighbor.

Police report Webster has been on best behavior following the court’s order that she keep the peace or pay a ¬£50 fine.

Following the sentencing, Webster’s neighbors were angered because they felt it was too¬†lenient.