Woman Claws Her Way to Freedom After Getting Locked Inside Bathroom

Karen Perrin was forced to claw her way out through a wall after being locked in her work building’s bathroom for eight hours.

Before leaving work, she decided to use the restroom. So, she got up from her desk, leaving her cellphone behind, and used the ladies room. But after washing her hands, she discovered that she had been locked in.

Despite Perrin’s efforts to push and kick the door open, it wouldn’t budge.

“That’s when it hit me. I’m locked in here,” she told ABC News. Feeling “hopeless,” and “desperate to escape,” Perrin said she “felt like I was going to die in there because of the anxiety I was feeling.”

Growing more and more restless by the minute, the desperate woman tried shoving paper towels under the door in an attempt to get the attention of surveillance camera guards or someone walking by. When that effort failed, she climbed up on a chair and tried to escape through a hatch in the ceiling. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to pull herself up.

However, she did end up finding a three-foot-long pole in the rafters, which she used to break through the wall next to the bathroom entrance. After two grueling hours, and several lacerations to her hands, she managed to break through the drywall and open the door from the outside.

“I thought about Shawshank Redemption,” she added, in reference to the 1994 prison movie starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in which Robbins tunnels through his jail cell to freedom.

Although Perrin won’t be suing over the ordeal, she hopes security will take better measures to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the future.