Woman Crashed New Porsche Mere Moments After Purchase

A woman had just purchased a brand new Porsche when she completely wrecked it—and four other cars—driving out of the showroom parking lot. The driver, identified as 27-year-old Ping Ch’ang caused an estimated $244,000 in damage with her white convertible Boxter.
White-Porsche 2
Ch’ang’s pricy mistake occurred as she pulled out onto a main road in Shenyang, China, and confused the throttle with the brake. This caused her vehicle to make a sudden acceleration forward. Unfortunately, the traffic on the main road was at a dead stop due to a red light and when her car lurched forward it smashed into four other cars, according to reports.

Qiang Chiu, a Porsche salesman who witnessed the accident says: “We were still waving her goodbye when she shot forward and there was a tremendous bang.”

Photos show the four other vehicles that also sustained extensive damage in the accident.
White-Porsche-Crash the other cars
While her car is currently in for repairs, she will also be held liable for compensating the owners of the other cars because the vehicles were stopped at the time of the crash.