Woman Creates Blanket That Hugs Back to Comfort the Lonely and Grief-Stricken

When artist Mia Cinelli’s fiancé passed away, she missed his physical touch and the comfort she’d felt with him so much, that she designed a blanket that mimicked the feeling of being embraced by a loved one.

“I knew I needed to make something to talk about this experience or make myself feel better,” she wrote in an email to A+. Her invention, The Weight, is a heavy-weight blanket with two clasp-able hands that go around the body.

While this isn’t the first weighted grief blanket, Cinelli believes the hands are what really help her product in providing an intimate, deep feeling of comfort, even though she recognizes that some people may call it “creepy”

“I laugh because the hands are a bit odd — anytime an object becomes a person there’s the danger of it becoming off-putting,” she says.

Still, Cinelli wants to find a way to mass produce The Weight, as she believes it can help others who are grief stricken from a broken heart and could use a good squeeze.

“I think a lot of people need it,” she says. “I’ve spoken to friends who are occupational therapists and social workers about their experience about dealing with grief and using weighted blankets in their practices.”