Egyptian Woman Desecrates the ISIS Flag in Worst Way Possible

Egyptian feminist Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, 23, has made headlines big time in the Middle East for pooping and menstruating on the ISIS flag.

A graphic image shows Elmahdy facing the camera without any clothes on and menstruating over the flag. Another unidentified woman squats with her back to the camera and concealed by a hijab as she defecates on the flag.

According to the Times of Israelthe words “there is no God but Allah” is printed on the flag. Thus, the majority of Arab media decided against publishing the photo.

While Elmahdy didn’t offer up any commentary on the photo or discuss her act of protest, she has already been a well-known activist against Sharia law and its effects on women.

“Scream against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy,” she once said in response to nude photos she posted on her blog in 2011. Her protest then was against Egypt’s ultra-conservative culture.

In reaction to her protest in 2011, Emad Gad (a member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party) released the following statement: “We have to protect our society from things like this, and if the liberals win then this woman will become a model for all Egyptian women.”

ISIS and other conservative groups continually send her threatening messages. In response to the death threats she receives. she posts them on Twitter.

See the very graphic, uncensored version of the photo.