Woman Spends 10 Hours Walking Silently Through NYC to Show How Often She Gets Harassed

In this video shot by Rob Bliss for Hollaback!, a movement aimed to end street harassment, a woman spends 10 hours silently roaming the streets of New York City to showcase how often she becomes a victim of verbal harassment.

The results are shocking — she experienced over 100 instances of guys yelling every possible sexist comment in her direction like she was a piece of meat, including certain dudes creepily walking beside her for several minutes.

Because she didn’t respond to any of them, some of the guys told her to “smile” or at least “say thank you” for their compliments.

Street harassment happens more often than people are comfortable admitting to, and this video is proof of that.

While many think verbal harassment is not a big deal, Hollaback! is determined to change peoples’ perceptions about that.

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