Woman Donates Her Kidney to a Perfect Stranger, Discovers He’s Her Soulmate

Ashley McIntyre made the commitment to donate a kidney to a perfect stranger in January of 2014.

What she didn’t know at the time was that her donation would lead her to her soulmate. They are now expecting their first child and enjoying life with each other.

The twist of fate that led the two together was a conversation McIntyre had heard between her mother and grandmother. They had learned that a 25-year-old man, Danny Robinson, desperately needed a kidney. The youngster had seen his life literally go up in flames when his house burned down in 2011 on Christmas day. Things got even tougher for him when his father died in 2012 of cancer.

McIntyre’s mother commented that she wished she could donate her own kidney, but couldn’t due to health issues.

The story inspired McIntyre to take action. She called the very next day to learn about the process of donating, and the rest is history.

Learn more about this amazing twist of fate in the above video. You can also click here to read an ABC report.