Woman Dumped for Being Too Fat Gets Disgusting Revenge on Her Ex

A woman in China went to extreme measures after she was dumped by her boyfriend for being too fat. Heartbroken and alone, the woman, identified only as Xiao Xiao decided it was time to get revenge.

The woman had apparently suffered abuse from her boyfriend regarding her weight, and when she was finally single decided it was time to shed the pounds—and fast!

She underwent a liposuction procedure to take off the extra weight, and then had the fat that was removed from her manufactured into a bar of soap. She then sent the soap to her ex-boyfriend as the ultimate, and disgusting, revenge gift, and included photos of herself post-transformation.

Liposuction Soap

She also shared photos of herself holding the soap bar to Chinese social media accounts.

Her shocking photos and accompanying message have since been shared, liked, and commented on thousands of times since last week.

According to a translated text message that she allegedly sent to her ex, she also wrote:

“I’ve made a piece of soap from my own fat to give to your mom for bathing.”

Here’s hoping that liposuction soap does NOT become a hot new breakup trend this year.