SEE: Woman Eats Over 2 Pounds of Sand a Day

Meet Sudama Devi, a 94-year-old woman living in India who has one of the most unusual cravings out there. Sudama is addicted to eating sand.

It all started when she was about ten, and ate sand as a dare from her friends. She’s been hooked ever since.

When she first tried it nearly nine decades ago she immediately loved the grainy substance and started to incorporate it into her daily diet. Sudama now eats four plates of sand a day. In weight, she eats about two pounds of sand per day.

Sudama is passionate about living a healthy life and does not consider sand to be a food or meal replacement. She includes more normal foods in her daily diet for a balanced source of nutrition.

She does include the sand into her other daily eating habits. She mixes it with her water and even dips fruit in it.

Sand has been integrated so much into her lifestyle that she even ate it on her wedding day, she told the Mirror. Although she does admit some people were shocked to see her strange habit. “Before marriage my father and my brother arranged sand for me and after marriage my husband Krishan Kumar arranged sand for me. When I came first time in my husband’s home everybody felt surprised to see that a bride eats sand.”

While you would think eating over two pounds of sand a day would affect your health, think again. According to the Daily Mail those in her village says she’s completely fit and has no sicknesses or diseases.