‘Pregnant’ Woman Escapes from Police Custody – Hear Her Deranged Message

A woman is embracing the power of press and making headlines after she escaped from police custody and handcuffs. She is being charged with escape, petty larceny, and criminal possession of stolen property, according to reports.

“Hi, my name if Tiffany Neumann and I’ve been brutally beaten by the cops and I really need someone to help me.I broke out of the handcuffs after I was out of the hospital after they almost killed me, and they just tried again.” Neumann said.

Tiffany Neumann was arrested on Sunday after racking up and failing to pay for a bill at a bar in the Upper West Side of New York City. Just like they would do for any other customer, managers called the police who then arrested Neumann.

This is where things get really strange.

Neumann began to complain that she wasn’t feeling well and told the officers she was pregnant. The police took the 23-year-old woman to the hospital, only to have doctors announce she was in fact not pregnant.

In the brief moment when an officer left to go to the restroom, the handcuffed Neumann was alone and manged to take the opportunity to escape custody.

She fled the hospital and went bar-hopping, making sure to hang out in big groups in an attempt to blend in. In one of those groups, she stole a cell phone and credit card from another woman and used them to order even more drinks and buy cigarettes.

According to ABC, Officials were able to track the fugitive through those card purchases and ultimately re-arrested her. They tracked her down to a relative’s house.

Despite doctors and police confirmation that Neumann is not pregnant, she continued to insist that she is to news outlets.

She is currently being held without bond.