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Woman Evades Police in ‘Scooby Doo Mystery Machine’ at 100 MPH

A California woman named Sharon Kay Turman led police on a hot pursuit while driving a van that is a replica of “The Mystery Machine” from the “Scooby Doo” cartoon.
Turman was spotted by police at 3:50pm on Sunday at a traffic stop. When they tried to stop for because she’d violated her probation, she took off, flying in the Mystery Machine at a whopping 100 miles per hour!
Turman ran through a red light and crashed into four other vehicles, but she kept going. A California Highway Patrol helicopter finally located the van but by the time police reached the vehicle, Turman had ditched it and run away.
Now the 51-year-old’s whereabouts are a mystery.
She is wanted by the Redding California Police Department and Shasta County Probation.
Have you seen Sharon Kay Turman?

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