Woman Tries to Help Car Crash Victims – Falls to Her Death

Certified nursing assistant Jessica Nicole Smith was driving when she noticed a car wreck on the side of the road. Doing what her family says came naturally to her, helping other people, she stopped to help.

According to NBC News, Coroner Park Evans believes she was looking for the victims when she hopped over the edge of the overpass bridge, mistakenly thinking the ground was just a short drop beneath her. It was actually a much taller drop, and Jessica fell 23-feet to her death at the bottom of the bridge.

Her sister, Hope Smith, spoke to WYFF about the incident.

“If anybody ever needed help, Jessica was always there, she’d go out of her way to help complete strangers,” Smith said. “That’s exactly what she was doing.”

It is believed that the driver from the accident was ejected from his car, as he was also found at the bottom the bridge, however he was alive.

Jessica was a mother to her nine-year-old son Isaiah whom has now been taken in by Hope and her husband.