Christian Starves Herself for 123 Days to ‘Become the Woman God Wanted Me to Be’

For YouTube user aaroncohen, going without food for a total of 123 days was the only way that she felt she could improve her relationship with God.

According to her video diaries, she went 40 days without eating, only taking a daily multi-vitamin and drinking water. This water fast was followed by one week of strictly eating only “Kosher Passover” foods, and then starting the process all over again.

Typically, fasts don’t last longer than a week or so. Physiologists believe that no human being can survive losing more than 40 percent of their body mass.¬†Even history’s most famous hunger striker, Gandhi, never fasted for more than 21 days at a time.

After just five days, fasting can become extremely dangerous, as the body begins to break down fat in order to produce energy. Not only that, but when the liver only has fat to break down (instead of the usual glucose), it ends up producing a toxic byproduct called ketone bodies.

Despite the human body attempting to compensate for a lack of energy coming in by slowing down metabolism and entering “starvation mode,” once it is depleted of its fat stores, it has no choice but to turn to the vital organs and muscles for energy.

The body literally begins to consume itself — leaving behind nothing more than a skeleton-looking figure.

The above clip is a brief summary of her experience with spiritual fasting, or a hunger strike (as some folks would call it), in order to “become the woman God wanted me to be.”