Woman Finds Hope After Fiance’s Death with Beautiful Memorial Photoshoot

When Janine lost the love of her life 52 days before she was to marry him, her future plans and the life she had imagined herself living completely changed.

To deal with the devastating tragedy of her fiancé’s untimely death, she had to find a way to liberate herself from the immense pain she was living day in and day out.

So she devised a plan to help her say goodbye in the most symbolic and beautiful way: With a memorial photoshoot in her wedding dress.

“I wanted to free myself from losing my fiancé 52 days before we got married,” she told Del Sol Photography, which helped her pull the shoot off. “This dress was for him.”

Watch the beautiful video explaining why she decided to do what she did and how it has helped her heal. Then check out the breathtaking images from the photo shoot at the top of the page.