Woman Finds Three Foot Wasp Nest On Bed

It’s sweet when a dog curls up at the end of your bed, but it’s not quite the same when it’s thousands of deadly wasps.

Pest controller John Birkett took on what he called “the biggest job of his career” when he was called in to take care of a nest of more than 5,000 wasps. And he’d been in the pest control business for 45 years.

The wasp nest was three feet long. It was stretched across a bed inside a house in Winchester, UK. The woman who owned the house discovered the nest in an unused spare room. A small window had been left open, and the wasps took over the room from there.

Birkett said it would have been “extremely dangerous” if an untrained person tried to remove it.

“I just stood back in amazement,” Birkett said.”I did think what a wonderful job they had done.”

The wasps indeed had taken real initiative, having chewed through part of the mattress and pillows to make their nest bigger. It took Birkett two hours in the room to spray the insects and dismantle the nest, making sure to close the door so the wasps wouldn’t fill the entire house.

The “Wasp Nest on Bed” story has a happy ending. He managed to save the homeowner’s crocheted blanket from all those nasty wasps.