Woman Discovered In Remote Area With World’s Largest Lip Plate [Video]

Ataye Eligidagne is a 20-year-old woman from Ethiopia who was recently found to have the world’s largest lip disk.

Members of an Australian film crew happened upon Elidgidagne during a tour and were amazed at the shock that even the woman’s fellow villagers expressed.

“We were taking a tour with some of the local guides. When they spotted the woman, they were absolutely bewildered,” cinematographer Abrahem Joffe told The Daily Mail. “I’m a big reader of Guinness World Records and I figured it was out of the ordinary, but you know you’ve found something special when the locals are amazed.”

The disk measures at 59.5 centimeters, or 23.4 inches in circumference and 19.5 centimeters, or 7.6 inches diameter.

Check out the video above for more.