Woman Freaks Out When Dead Fish Comes Back to Life (VIDEO)

You’re there, you’re making a lovely dinner for your family, and then without warning your meat starts moving on its own. YES — that would freak anyone out, especially when it’s two long pieces of dead fish that come back to life like in some kind of horror movie.

We won’t spoil the explanation here. Just watch the video for yourself. Then you can scroll down and find out what really happened.

No, this wasn’t a miraculous resurrection (Sorry, religious folks looking for a spiritual moment.), nor is it a zombie dead fish coming back to life. This was actually a chemical reaction. But who knew that a mixture of salt and lemon on tin foil could cause this kind of crazy chemical reaction? This woman certainly didn’t. Just listen to the terror in her voice. She probably thought she was trapped in some kind of horror movie scene.

We’d definitely flip out if our gutted and skinned dinner suddenly came to life in the kitchen at night. (Heck, we were creeped out from home — and we knew what was happening.)

According to IFL Science, even though the brain isn’t attached to the fish any longer, muscle motor neurons within these tissues still have some membrane potential after death. The muscles contain adenosine triphosphate, which is the main source of energy for muscle contractions.

IFL Science explains, “In this case, adding salt to the fish (in the form of table salt or soy sauce) can trigger muscle spasms in very recently deceased fish and cephalopods. The salt gets absorbed and changes the voltages across nerve cell membranes, triggering the (somewhat violent) contractions of the muscle you see.”