Woman Gets Chased by Giraffe, Reminds Us of T-Rex Scene from Jurassic Park

Do you remember the famous scene in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex breaks through the fence and chases after the Jeep? It’s an all-time classic scene, but it uses special effect and computer-generated imagery to make that horrifying scene come to life.

This video is an altogether different story — because it’s real. It took place in 2013, when a group of tourists in South Africa suddenly found themselves being chased by an angry giraffe. As soon as it hit Live Leak, people noted that it reminded them of that same scene from Jurassic Park, except in this case the giraffe was real. (Aren’t safaris meant to get tourists up close and personal with animals? Yes, but of the wild animals one might encounter, one doesn’t expect to have a giraffe be an attacker.)

For one woman sitting in the rear of the vehicle, this was a really terrifying moment, and she wasn’t too happy about her close encounter with wildlife. At the top of the page we have a longer video story recounting the event and comparing it to the movie scenes. Then below this post, you can check out the unedited version and see what got everyone’s attention in the first place.