Woman Dressed as Zombie Gets TWO DUIs in Just Three Hours

According to ABC affiliate WHAM-TV, police in Upstate New York pulled over a woman dressed as a zombie on Saturday after she was seen driving without her headlights on in route from a party. Catherine Butler, 26, had a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .11 percent and was taken into custody for DUI.

Butler was booked and then later picked up by a friend at Monroe County police station. But in a surprising twist of events, less than three hours later, she was pulled over and arrested again for swerving on a local road. This time, without the ghoulish makeup and a BAC of .09 percent.

How did she not learn her lesson the first time around?

The legal limit to drive in New York is .08 percent, which meant that she was pretty much screwed.

We’ve heard of folks getting two DUIs in a matter of the same week, but definitely not on the same night.

She’ll probably never learn, especially considering the fact that she had been detained for drunk driving in the past.