Woman Gives Birth to a 10-Pound Baby Only an Hour After Finding Out She’s Pregnant

A woman gave birth to a healthy 10-pound baby girl on Wednesday, hardly an hour after she found out she was even carrying a child.

Katherine Kropas isn’t some idiot who simply missed all the signs of pregnancy — she had no signs. Kropas, 38, was on birth control and her menstrual cycle was still on track. Her only symptoms were her slightly swollen feet, which she dismissed as a result of constantly standing up at her catering job.

She woke Tuesday complaining of stomach and lower back pain so intense she had to be taken to the hospital, according to the Washington Post.

“Tuesday morning I woke up and I had crazy lower back pain,” Kropas told CBS Boston. “I thought I had put on some Christmas season weight, but I never thought I was pregnant. Never.”

She learned that night that she had a fully-developed little girl inside her, ready to burst into the world. While she was rushed to the delivery room, her long-term boyfriend Dan Keefe called her parents.

“I’ve heard these stories over and over,” her mother Karen Kropas said. “You hear them and think, ‘Oh my God, how did somebody not know,’ and this and that, but I can tell you, this is real and true and it happens.”

Kropa’s daughter was delivered via Caesarean section by 11:06 p.m., an hour after doctors told Kropas she was pregnant. She named her daughter Ellie, after her grandmother who drove her to the hospital.

Cryptic pregnancies like Kropas are actually more common than most of us tend to think they are. There’s even a Facebook support group for women like her, who missed all the signs of pregnancy until the last minute. Find out more at the Washington Post.