Woman Wants Chicken McNuggets So Bad She Goes Psycho

When Melodi Dushane was denied McNuggets at her local McDonald’s drive-thru during breakfast, she decided that the best reaction to have was going full-blown psycho on the window server.

While McDonald’s is supposed to be a happy place, this woman was definitely not loving it.

melodi-dushane-jpgRight after Dushane threatens to eat the employees’ faces off, she tries to intimidate them some more by saying she’s going to “go Super Saiyan.” The bizarre footage goes on to show her grabbing a bottle from her car and smashing it through the drive-thru window before speeding off.

Apparently, some people just don’t seem to understand proper McDonald’s etiquette.

She ended up serving 60 days behind bars and also had to pay McDonald’s the coast of replacing the broken window.

Watch the video above as this woman goes crazy at McDonald’s over absolutely nothing.

This incident may have occurred back in 2010, but it still serves as a stark reminder that when McDonald’s fails to satisfy its customers, bad things can happen.