WATCH: Woman Goes CRAZY Over Stingray Caught at Beach

The woman in the above video goes completely insane over a man trying to pull a healthy sting ray off the beach. It will undoubtedly end up on someone’s stove.

To be honest, I’m not very happy witnessing the beautiful creature being taken away and killed.

Regardless, this woman is so raving mad she decides to make up the law as she goes. She tells the fisherman that it is illegal to catch stingrays and remove them from their natural habitat.

This isn’t true on any level. This stingray was caught in Texas, which doesn’t ban fishermen from catching the unique creatures. This PDF explains how regulations work.

The funniest moment of the video is when the woman accuses the fishermen of being from Germany. They obviously aren’t, based on the fact that they don’t have any accents.

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