Woman Hears “Scratching” Sounds in Her Head (You Don’t Want to Know What Doctors Found)

As a child I used to get earaches all the time. I’m just happy that the cause was never what 25-year-old Li Meng experienced.

At first, all she heard was “scratching” sounds coming from inside her head. A sharp, stabbing pain then followed. Despite taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines, she continued to suffer. This continued for a week or so.

But it wasn’t until she visited a doctor at the Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine that she discovered what was actually plaguing her. As it turns out, there was a spider living in her ear.


It managed to climb into her ear canal and spin a web, where it had been hanging out that entire time.

The spider needed to be sedated with medicine before being extracted, as it was not too happy about getting evicted. Using a pair of tweezers, the arachnid was finally removed.

Image credit: FOX 32