A Woman Serves Man with a Bat to the Head on First Date

An Oregon woman, Haley Fox, finally agreed to meet up with Samuel Campbell, a man from Alabama with whom she was having an online relationship. She set up a table with candles and wine for their first date and asked him to close his eyes. She then slammed a metal baseball bat into the back of his head three times.

Haley Fox, 24, was arrested Thursday.

Campbell, 26, was supposed to be moving to Oregon to live with Fox, who told police that her motive in hitting him was that she did not want to be his girlfriend. But it doesn’t end there. Another woman, Jennifer Beaumont, 26, showed up after the bat attack. Campbell could hear the two women talking about duct taping and binding him in fear of getting into trouble.

After Campbell convinced the women he would not go to authorities, they agreed to take him to the hospital. He suffered a fractured skill and received nine staples on his head.

Fox, who has no prior criminal history, was booked in the Marion County Jail on the charge of first-degree assault. She has since posted bail and was released from custody. She’s due back in court April 20.