Woman Ignores Strange Wound on Her Leg — 4 Days Later Makes Shocking Discovery

When Heather Charlebois, a 42-year-old Florida woman, attended a live music and fireworks show on 4th of July, she wasn’t expecting to experience anything this life changing.

Charlebois and her friends were enjoying the evening at Cafe DaVinci when they heard a really loud noise. Immediately afterwards, she felt an intense, stinging pain shooting up her leg. Since fireworks were going off all around them, she thought nothing of it.

Later on in the evening, she visited the restroom and noticed a strange¬†wound in her thigh. But because it wasn’t bleeding, she just assumed that someone had probably lit a firecracker and a piece of it hit her.

It wasn’t until four days later, when pain became unbearable, that she decided to seek medical attention.

“Everyone was telling me it looked like a bullet hole so they wanted me to go to the hospital, so I did,” she explained.

How does someone get shot and not know it? If you were shot in the leg, would you realize what had happened?


Doctors ended up confirming that she had been shot, and a .38 caliber bullet was still lodged in her leg.

Gunshot wounds are the most traumatic injuries a person can suffer. The bullet that penetrated Charlebois’s flesh could not be removed because it was too close to her femoral artery.

Local police still have not yet found the person who shot the firearm.