Woman Commits Suicide by Jumping Into a Pit Filled with Hundreds of Crocodiles

According to a report in the Bangkok Post, Wanpen Inyai committed suicide on Friday by throwing herself into a crocodile pit just outside the capital. She casually walked into the Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo, removed her shoes and jumped.

Despite the staff’s efforts to fend off the crocodiles with sticks, she could not be saved. The farm is home to thousands of crocodiles, and the pool she happened to jump into was filled with a few hundred.

Her family said that they noticed she had been despondent just before her tragic death. When they discovered she went missing, they tried to file a missing persons report, but police advised them to wait 24 hours before anything could be done. By then, it was far too late.

Since the terrible incident, a spokesperson for Samut Prakarn explained that they installed greater security measures to prevent anyone else from meeting the same fate.