This Woman Has the Largest Fake Boobs in the World (PHOTOS)

Folks, meet Mayra Hills.

She has the largest pair of fake boobies in the world. Professionally, Hills is known as “Beshine,” a German model who is acknowledged for her over sized chest.

If you were to try and guess how big they were, you probably couldn’t. That’s because they are 32Zs, and weigh a total of 40 pounds!

We’ve seriously never seen a boob job this horrendous. Initially, when someone thinks about a woman with big breasts, they tend to get a little turned on. However, Hills takes it a bit too far.

beshine 2 beshine 1

beshine 4

Like, how do you give her a hug? From behind? How does she not fall over? Who the hell would want to date someone with breasts that big? We have no idea.