Woman Live Tweets Couple’s Cringe Worthy First Date

When you’re out dining alone, there’s nothing quite like people watching to pass the time, and people watching is exactly what Kelly Fine did as she listened in on an excruciatingly awkward conversation between a couple on their first (and probably last) date at a sushi bar.

Now it’s 2016 after all, which means Kelly could let the whole world know about it via Twitter, so she did.

The guy was clear about his personal views from the start

He clearly doesn’t like change

The dude started getting rude…

Sounds like he might be on the spectrum

This guy sounds a bit like someone who’s name begins with T and ends with ump

Things went from bad to downright creepy

They’ve met before

Is she having an affair with this guy?

Further insights into the life of this mysterious man

Could it possibly get any worse?

Further revelations from our charming man

Revealed: best date ever’s actual name!

And finally the end of a car crash date