Texas Woman Marries Herself After Failing to Meet ‘the One’ Before Turning 40

You’ve probably heard lots of people say that if they don’t meet the love of their life before reaching a certain age, they’ll marry their best friend, or someone just for the companionship. But have you ever heard of someone marrying themselves?

According to the Daily Mail, a woman from Houston, Texas, did just that.

After failing to meet the man of her dreams, Yasmin Eleby decided it was time to tie the knot on her own. She first publicized the wedding on Facebook back in May 2013.

Of course, since someone isn’t actually allowed to legally marry their own person, her ceremony was a spiritual event carried out by three ministers.

Eleby took to social media immediately after the nuptials and expressed that she “couldn’t imagine the ceremony being any more poignant and meaningful.”

For the honeymoon, she plans on traveling to Dubai, Cambodia and Laos.

“I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support that was shown to me during my celebration of love and life,” Eleby added.