Teenager Marries Stray Dog to Ward Off Evil Spell

The sanctity of marriage means different things to different people all over the world. Take India, for example, they just forced an 18-year-old girl to marry a stray dog to ward off an evil spell.

People in Mangli Munda’s community thought marrying her off to a mutt would stop the population from experiencing bad luck. After a holy man told her family she was cursed, village elders organized this tribal ritual of human-animal marriage.

Allegedly, based off their superstitions, the curse would be lifted once the “couple” exchanged vows. Then the girl’s misfortune would be passed on to the dog.

Interspecies love may be taboo cross-culturally, but hopefully this ceremony will allow the teenager to lead a happy life.

Watch as this teenager marries stray dog in the clip above.