Woman Miraculously Survives Terrible Car Accident, Believes Jesus Saved Her Life

For 36-year-old Karen Brown, it started out as a normal day driving through the city in Nelspruit, South Africa. But then something unexpected and tragic happened–something that reaffirmed her Christian faith.

The last thing she remembers was making a left turn in her Ford Fiesta, when a truck driver ran a red light and plowed into her. After colliding with Brown’s car, the truck rolled over it, leaving it totally destroyed.

By looking at the photos above, it seems impossible that anyone could have survived the accident. When first responders arrived on the scene, they probably expected to be pulling a dead body from the vehicle, but after spending over an hour breaking through the wreckage, they found her alive.

Miraculously, she walked away without any serious injuries.

“My God was good to me,” she said.

Brown wasn’t even aware how terrible the accident was until she saw photos of the wreck a few days later. She later told people that she believed Jesus was holding her hand the entire time she was trapped inside.