Woman Murders Pregnant Woman & Steals the Baby

Nancy Carrasco is a 34 year-old woman who had a miscarriage three months before she was due to give birth. Afraid that her husband would leave her, she faked the rest of the pregnancy and devised a plan to get her hands on a real baby just in time.

Carrasco befriended 23-year-old Luvineydi Yasmin Velazquez Thomas, a pregnant woman, as part of her sick scheme. They met at a hospital during one of Carrasco’s check ups.

Soon after the two women became friends Carrasco lured her pregnant ‘friend’ to her home and murdered her and cut the baby from her stomach. Carrasco then admitted herself into the hospital with the baby to make sure it was okay.

Doctors were immediately suspicious of Carrasco who showed no signs of having just given birth. They contacted her family members to bring the placenta to the hospital.

When Carrasco’s relatives got to her house, they found the dead body of Thomas. They were horrified and contacted the police immediately.

When police questioned Carrasco, she readily admitted guilt.

“I stabbed her from behind and strangled her with her own head scarf,” she said. “Then I used a knife to cut open her stomach and steal her baby.”

She also admitted she’d committed the crime because she was terrified of her husband leaving her.

The baby is in hospital. Carrasco is at a social re-adaptation center, where she is awaiting a trial facing charges of first-degree murder.

Police said Carrasco made it clear to the authorities that she acted alone. Despite that, her husband Francisco Javier Torres Cubias and friend Reyna Isabel Munoz Guzman were also arrested.