Woman Posts Snapchats of Boyfriend Holding Gun to Her Head Just Hours Before She Is Killed

An Arkansas mother of two was discovered dead in her home just a few hours after she posted several disturbing photos to Snapchat. Stephanie Hernandez and her boyfriend, Rafael Gonzalez, are seen in a series of Snapchats with Gonzalez holding a gun to Hernandez’s head.

Now authorities believe that the gun in those photos might be the murder weapon used to kill Hernandez in her own home.

Snapchat Murder 1

Snapchat Murder 2

Snapchat Murder 3

Hernandez, 21, was found her in home. She had been shot from behind. According to police, the premises had been ransacked, and there was blood throughout. Her eight-month-old and three-year-old daughters were apparently not at home during the shooting.

Family and friends described Gonzalez as a bad influence, saying the two were in a tumultuous relationship.

The Snapchat photos show Gonzalez and Hernandez pointing the gun, one of them captions with the slang phrase “Strap Chat.” The term apparently is used as a way of saying you’re carrying a gun.

Other photos also showed the gun alongside ammunition.

Gonzalez has been arrested and is charged with the murder. He is being held without bond, the Daily Dot reported.

Local news outlets reported that Hernandez had only just moved in with Gonzalez, and other roommates, three weeks before.