Woman Prefers Being Fat — Voluntarily Reverses Weight Loss Procedure

We hear about successful weight loss stories all the time and how losing big sums of weight have helped change people’s lives for the better.

For one British woman, the lose-weight-and-be-a-happier-person arc didn’t quite work out that way.  Diane Wigget weighted 329 pounds before getting a gastric band surgery. After getting the band fitted – which works by severely restricting the amount of food one can eat at a time – she lost 147 pounds and shrunk down to 182 lbs.

Everyone praised the teacher’s assistant on her new look, but she wasn’t happy with her body.

“People told me I looked amazing. But inside I was feeling terrible. I expected to feel healthier and happier, but I didn’t,” she told Mirror News.

She said one of the most difficult parts of the experience was not being able to eat the foods she enjoyed.

“I’d had enough of it because I couldn’t eat what I loved. So to be happy again I had the band removed,” she said, adding “I’m happy now. I’m meant to be a big person.”

The 48-year-old mom started out at a size 28, got down to a size 14 with the band and then back up to a size 20, after getting it removed.

She also explained that though she’s gained back much of the weight she lost, she makes better choices now, such as eating healthier food and exercising.

She also feels like she has her “sparkle” back.