Heartbroken Woman Discovers She’s Pregnant Two Days After Boyfriend Dies in Car Crash

The Mirror has reported that Lizzy Phillipson, 26, discovered she was pregnant with a “miracle baby” just two days after her boyfriend died in a horrific car accident.

Her boyfriend, Grant Benson, 21, was with a friend on August 16 when their vehicle hit a tree and killed them both.

After Phillipson’s doctors discovered pre-cancerous cells in her cervix, she never thought she would be able to have children. When Benson died, she was still undergoing treatment for her condition.

But against all odds, she somehow conceived.

“I don’t know where I would be in my grief if I did not have something positive,” she told the Mirror. Her baby is due on April 8.

Instead of breaking the news to everyone immediately, the mother-to-be kept her pregnancy a secret for two-weeks until Benson’s funeral. That’s when she handed his mother, Deborah, an envelope which held a scan of their unborn child.

“Losing Grant so suddenly was devastating,” said Phillipson. “I felt as though he had been snatched away and I didn’t get a chance to say any kind of goodbye. We had been together for six months and had become very close, very quickly. When we’d had a couple of drinks, we’d talk about babies and Grant said we’d have beautiful children together.”

It was her mother’s intuition that prompted her to take a pregnancy test.

“I was late and it was my mum who pressed me to take a test, I think her intuition told her I could be pregnant but when I discovered that I was it came as a such a massive shock.”