Woman Prints Her Face on Coffee Cups to Find Love

Lynne Adams is done leaving love in the hands of fate. As a 37-year-old single woman who is looking for a relationship, she decided to ramp up her dating prospects by printing her own photo on 1,000 take-out coffee cups.

She asked the baristas at Glasgow’s Cup coffee shop to help her in her love-quest, by singling out eligible bachelors and serving them their orders in her personalized cup. Adams also had a stencil made, so that they can dust her image onto the froth of cappuccinos.

According to The Mirror, between Adams’ demanding career in finance and her passion for fitness—she maintains a rigorous gym routine—she realized that her love-life had been neglected for too long.

At the urging of her friends, Adams joined the world of online dating, and even themed her profile around her love of coffee.

“I’ve always liked coffee shops and do a lot of my dating there,” she said, adding that because she’s always been a bit of a quirky person, the coffee twist on her profile fits her personality.

Her profile lists that she’s looking for someone who can keep up with her at the gym, loves exotic foreign travel, and loves coffee. “If you’re full of beans and don’t see the gym as too much of a grind, you and Lynne could be one another’s perfect cuppa,” her profile reads.

She says that while she’d love to meet some nice people and go on a couple of dates because of her coffee cups, she’s sure she’ll at least have a few stories to tell after this experience.