WATCH: One Woman’s eHarmony Date Is Every Woman’s Worst Nightmare

Online dating websites boast the fact that they bring people together in a way that successfully leads to marriage, especially eHarmoney, whose advertisements we’re all familiar with. Despite the fact that these sites can bring happiness to many people, they are still used by dangerous people looking for anything but love.

Police are currently investigating a match made in hell after a woman raped at gunpoint filed a disturbing report. Specifically, authorities are looking for one “Jeffrey Kent” which may or may not be the suspect’s real name.

This man’s unnamed victim says that she and her match planned to meet in New York City for their first date. When she arrived in Port Authority at 4pm Monday, she went to the agreed upon location where they’d agreed to meet up. After they said hello, he immediately suggested they go to a hotel room. When she refused, he stuck the barrel of a gun into her back and lead her downstairs into the maze of underground tunnels and tracks where he raped her at gunpoint.

She told police she’d been raped in an area where there were abandoned train tracks.

After the attack, the woman ran out onto the street and sought help from men parked in a fire truck. She was taken away and treated at Roosevelt Hospital.

Police are seeking a warrant to get into “Jeffrey Kent’s” records at eHarmony in case he is in fact using an alias. They are also looking into other dates who may have witnessed any wrongdoing.

This is a truly disturbing story, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. It’s also a good reminder that we must always be careful when going on dates with strangers. It’s always best to meet up in a familiar, safe place.