Woman Reads to Shelter Dogs Who’ve Forgotten What It’s Like to Be Loved

The shelter environment can be extremely stressful for dogs. It is overstimulating and most often than not detrimental to a animal’s long-term mental and emotional health.

However, there are ways that people can help these shelter animals even if they’re unable to adopt them. Sometimes, a positive impact can be made through the smallest of gestures.

The image above was posted by reddit user puglife123, who volunteers at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. It features a woman reading a book called The Pup and the Biscuit to an aging pit bull female named Jade.

This woman comes to my local humane society and sits in front of the dogs cage and reads books to the dogs.

Although the dog doesn’t understand the words she’s reading, just hearing the calming sound of her voice is making a difference in its life. She’s giving love and attention to an animal that has forgotten what it is like to be cared for.

It has been proven that reading out loud can be both soothing and comforting for animals who have been abandoned.

We hope that her efforts help the dogs become more adoptable so that they can find permanent, loving homes.

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